Fashion Design Office


At Eloise.Fashion, our mission is to get designers doing what they were trained to do - design - with no limitations. The traditional design process has stifled many designers’ ability to create. Design software subscriptions are costly. Manufacturer minimums are too high. Warehousing inventory is prohibitive and wasteful. The list goes on. 


Eloise.Fashion knew there was a better way. By collaborating with some of the best software technologies and design resources in the world, we’re able to give designers an all-one-platform to take their ideas from a sketch all the way to selling that design on a number of retail platforms, including their own website.


At Eloise.Fashion we’re democratizing fashion design. We saw a need in the industry to give designers and brands a new way - a better way - to design and produce their garments.  


Eloise is an all-in-one platform giving access to the software tools and applications needed to create, manufacture and sell. 


For years, costly software systems have prohibited designers from doing what they were trained to do - design and produce their garments. Eloise gives the ability to research, source, create, manufacture and distribute all from one cloud-based platform. 


We’ve made it easy and fun to work on as many design projects as you can dream. 


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